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Photo info: Apple iPhone 12 mini, 4.2mm, f/1.6, 1/6400 sec, ISO32
“Homecoming” Santa Anna, 2021

Today was the last day of our road trip vacation, with a lot more driving (Roswell, New Mexico to Cedar Park, Texas). The highlight was a stop in the town of Santa Anna, Texas to look at an antique shop off of the main street.

While waiting outside the shop, I noticed several people sitting on the curbside, facing towards the street. I thought it was a bit odd. Then I noticed people on the other side of the street doing the same. I saw more people arrive and take up spots on the curb so I asked one of them what was going on, and she said the High School Homecoming Parade was about to start.

“Homecoming” Santa Anna, 2021

We decided to hang around to see what a small-town parade was like, and I have to say, it was really fun! Just like the one in Cedar Park, the Santa Anna parade had floats, marching band, and lots of candy being give out. What was really cool was that the last person in the parade was an old-timer riding his horse. He was wearing a sign that said “Class of ’57”. How cool! I’m just sorry I didn’t get a photo. 😥

“Homecoming” Santa Anna, 2021

As mentioned above, this was the last day of our road trip. It was a ton of fun, and maybe the first vacation Mariko and I have been on with just the two of us since Bay was born, 20 years ago! I wasn’t sure if we’d have nothing to talk about, or if we’d get on each other’s nerves, but I’m happy to say it was smooth sailing. I guess our mutual love for beer and food keep us aligned in the same direction. 😄

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