Another quick week

Cedar Park, 2016
Photo info: FUJIFILM X100T, 23mm, f/7.1, 1/100 sec, ISO250
Cedar Park, 2016

こんばんは! Hello! We made it to the weekend. It was such a quick week it seemed! But the cold weather came back today, along with the rain. Luckily the forecast for the rest of the weekend looks sunny and warmer. ☀️ Koa has a baseball tournament so I hope the baseball fields have time to dry out before the games.

Tonight’s dinner was a super trifecta of sorts… we had takoyaki, okonomiyaki, and yakisoba. And a nice cold beer to round out the meal. The takoyaki and yakisoba are typical foods served at festivals in Japan, from small stands, so tonight’s meal reminded me of when we lived there, and of course a festival is fun so they are feel-good types of food! 😋 I find it fascinating that smells and tastes can transport you back to different parts of your life. It’s great.

The photo for today is of the sky and clouds that I saw on the way to work. Last night there was a storm, and in the morning there was a break in the clouds when I took the photos. But later in the day, the clouds and rain returned. ☔ In the evening, it cleared up and we’re looking forward to a nice weekend. I hope to take some photos outdoors!


– B Barron Fujimoto

Victory at Last

Cedar Park, 2016
Photo info: FUJIFILM X100T, 23mm, f/7.1, 1/125 sec, ISO1000
Cedar Park, 2016


Tonight, Koa’s team had another baseball game and they finally won! 😊 Their team is actually pretty good, but the competition is really tough this year. Tonight’s game was very exciting, with Koa’s team coming from behind to score two runs in the bottom of the final inning to win 8-7. Koa did well, with one walk and he caught two fly balls – one at second base, and one in center field. Plus he is much more aggressive at the plate, swinging at more pitches and getting hits. ⚾️

As you can see from the photo, it was another beautiful evening, with a warm wind blowing and incredible clouds and color. 🌆 A big storm is approaching, and should hit us around midnight tonight… just an hour or so from now! The weather forecast called for thunder and possible hail, so I pulled my Odyssey into the garage for the night, just in case. Better safe than sorry! ⚡

It’s a short week here in the US, because Friday is “Good Friday”, before Easter 🐰, which is a work holiday. However, tomorrow is going to be super busy! I have non-stop meetings from 10am until 5pm which means the only work I will be able to do is from 8am until 10am. Not a whole lot of time to get things done.

But once we make it through tomorrow, it’s a three-day weekend! Woohoo!

おやすみなさい! -B Barron Fujimoto

Cloudy skies

"Cloudy Skies" SWEDEN. Stockholm. 2015.
Photo info: FUJIFILM X100T, 23mm, f/8, 1/60 sec, ISO500
“Cloudy Skies” SWEDEN. Stockholm. 2015.

This is a photo from the end of August 2015 when I went on a business trip to Stockholm. The city is beautiful, especially because it is on the water, where reflections can highlight the city and bridges, making for some wonderful photo opportunities. I am not sure exactly how much distance I covered during the days I had free, but the city is so walk-able that it I found it impossible not to just wander around the city. In fact, there were a couple of times where I stepped outside the hotel doors, chose a direction and just started walking. There are even some fantastic routes for running right in the middle of the city, which is so convenient. If you ever have the chance to visit Stockholm, you should!


"Sunrise" USA. Texas. Austin. 2016.
Photo info: FUJIFILM X100T, 23mm, f/6.4, 1/320 sec, ISO400
“Sunrise” USA. Texas. Austin. 2016.

こんばんは!How are you? Today’s photo is of the sun just rising above the clouds. I took it from my office this morning. I usually arrive early to work which is nice because I can really get a lot done in the hour or two before meetings start. I really am a “morning person”!

( YAWN ) What bores you?

This question (from WordPress’ Daily Prompt) is a tough one to answer for me… I can’t think of anything that really bores me! My kids often will come to me and say, “I’m bored”. This happens towards the end of long weekends or vacations when they get tired of their video games or computers. Luckily school will start soon for them!

I guess I used to get bored sometimes when having a conversation with someone, and the subject matter is just not interesting to me, or if I’ve heard the story before. (I feel a little bad about saying that!) But that was ages ago! If the subject of the conversation is not so interesting, I focus on the way the person is saying what they are saying, their conversational style, or imagine the reasons why they are sharing the information with me. Sometimes I will try to pinpoint the interesting things about that person (there’s always at least one thing!). I believe that you can learn something from anyone or any situation, so I am always trying to find value. If there isn’t something to learn externally, I try to internally observe what I am currently feeling and maybe I can improve myself in some way.

But back to the original question… I honestly cannot remember myself every saying, “I’m bored”. It’s really odd… I have a hard time imagining what boredom feels like. It’s like the part of my brain that activates the boredom emotion is just not there anymore. (insert joke here!)

By the way, I haven’t written anything from a Daily Prompt in a loooong time now, but it’s fun! I guess I might start doing it again every so often. You can go back and read my other Daily Prompts by sorting on the category if you are interested.

Well, Friday is almost here! I hope you have a good one!

I’m going to get some rest. おやすみなさい!

-B Barron Fujimoto

Friday Night Relaxing

"On the drive" USA. Texas. Austin. 2016.
Photo info: FUJIFILM X100T, 23mm, f/7.1, 1/80 sec, ISO200
“On the drive” USA. Texas. Austin. 2016.

こんばんは!How are you tonight/today?

It’s getting late here but I am happy that the weekend has arrived! As the title of this post indicated, I had a relaxing evening. One of Bay’s friends is visiting and they played video games while I catched up watching a week’s worth of Asa ga Kita. It’s a good story so far!

For dinner we had a pizza from Costco, which is one of my favorites! During my have bachelor summers (when Mariko and the kids go to Japan for a month or so) I always eat a lot of Costco pizza. 💗 🍕 It’s tasty, cheap, and easy to prepare.

After dinner I watched “I Hate Tokyo” (上京ものがたり) which was just ok. There wasn’t anything special about the movie but there was a nice message of following your dreams and persevering. I can’t really recommend it though because there are many more movies which are more worth your while. But still, it was relaxing to watch and sip on a glass or three of nice red wine! 🍷

Today’s photo was one I took while driving in to work. The sun was just rising and there were some pretty clouds in the sky. I don’t really compose these photos since I am driving, but I point the camera in the general direction, and snap away and hope I get a nice shot. I am pretty happy with this one! I also took another photo which I posted on Instagram that I like. Please take a look!

Well, I have to wake up early to make breakfast for the kiddos, so I will call it a night.

おやすみなさい!Let’s have a great weekend!