On Lead Guitar, Koa!
On Lead Guitar, Koa!

For the past week or so, I have been practicing with my guitar. I don’t really know how to play at all, so I consider myself a beginner! I never really thought about it too much before, but many of my family members have played music. For instance, my grandmother used to play piano, and when I was a kid, my dad bought an organ and my brother and I took organ lessons. Later, I played bass guitar and was in a band for a little while. It was so much fun! And now, my oldest son plays piano and flute, and my youngest son plays guitar. I think when you just start out learning, there isn’t very much creativity because you are practicing a lot, but later on there will be more chances to become creative. And, I think that will be a lot of fun for the kids!

The photo above is of Koa playing “Banana Pancakes” on my old guitar, which I had bought in 1998 in Yokohama for real cheap. It’s a “Mavis” which is probably like a Squier-level beginner brand. The blue sticker is of one of my favorite bands at the time, Advantage Lucy. Koa usually plays acoustic guitar but likes to also play on my electric. I kind of want a more powerful amp so that he can rock out!

Another motivation for me to play guitar is because I am watching/reading the anime/manga “K-On!” which is so funny and cool! Essentially, it’s a story of an after-school (High School) music club and band. Of all the band members, I like the bassist Mio the best. I think because I love the bass, plus she’s a lefty! Koa and I were watching K-On last night and I told Koa that he should join a band because it would be a lot of fun. He said he doesn’t know anyone who plays music, though. But I think it would be cool for him to play in a band, so I will encourage him to do so when he finds some friends to play with!

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