Tying Knots

I think it is important to keep learning new things throughout your life, in order to keep your mind active, plus it also can be a lot of fun! Normally I think people would think of learning things like a new language, playing a musical instrument, or some new job skill. I think that is great, but I am talking specifically about smaller, more easily digestible skills. For instance, I recently learned how to tie some really useful knots! Yes, knots!

Maybe if you were a boy scout you know these already, but I was not a boy scout growing up. However, I do love camping, and these knots would come in handy at the campsite. Rather than telling you how to do them, I’ll just link to the page over at The Art of Manliness which has all the videos (they are simple and well-done). I learned how to tie:

  • The Bow Line: Create a super-strong loop at the end of a rope.
  • The Taut Line: Create an adjustable loop at the end of a rope. This would be perfect for securing your tent to the tent stakes, since you can tighten up the rope at a later time without having to re-tie it or move the stake.
  • The Sheet Bend: Great for tying two ropes together to make a longer rope.

These are pretty easy knots to learn but I think they are good to know. And it’s a great feeling to learn a new skill, no matter how small it may seem!

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