Sushi Memo Pads
Sushi Memo Pads

I really like these Sushi Memo Pads. They look so cool! The problem is that I wouldn’t want to use them because the proportion of fish to rice would get messed up. I think I’d just keep them on my desk and stare at them all day! Speaking of my desk, I have way too many things cluttering it up. The main thing is bills and junk mail. I usually have a stack of papers about 3-5 inches tall that need to be filed away.

I usually sort them into stacks, then once in a blue moon will scan them all in as PDF’s to my computer, which then gets backed up. It’s a nice system, but I should scan them more often. The bottleneck is that it is a little bit of a bother to scan using my flatbed scanner. We do have a Dell 1235CN color copier/printer which has an auto feed tray and I think it can scan to PDF but, I need to figure it out again. I think I have scanned to PDF before, but I had to copy them to a USB stick, then put them on the computer. I think that is more process than using my Epson 4490 flatbed scanner.

So, as nice as these sushi memo pads are, I want to declutter the desk first before I make any additions. Maybe after decluttering, I won’t want to add anything to it and can save some money by not buying the sushi memo pads. Maybe I will just create a desktop background? I wonder if that will satisfy me!

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