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Modern Families – If one of your late ancestors were to come back from the dead and join you for dinner, what things about your family would this person find the most shocking?

For me, this is a difficult question to answer. I imagined us sitting around the dinner table, and my first thought would be that he/she would be surprised that our family is mixed from several different races and nationalities. But then it got me thinking that no, there’s probably a good chance that one of my ancestors would not think that is shocking. One thing about my family is that so many of us have moved around the world and/or married outside our races/nationalities. We really are a diverse family (and I think it’s wonderful)! I have to believe that this is in our blood. I know (from Facebook) that a lot of my high school friends still live in our hometown and are quite content there. But of my immediate family, none of us live in the same town we grew up in. My father was born and raised in Hawai’i, and my mom was born and raised in Jamaica. They raised my brothers and I in Torrance, California but only my parents still live there.

My grandparents also are travelers. They ended up living in countries that are different from where they were born. How far back this goes, I don’t know but I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes back many generations. But perhaps this is common? I’m not sure, but I do know that for myself I can’t imagine not wanting to live in different places during my life. In fact, I am looking forward to moving again when the kids are on their own!

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4 thoughts on “Diverse Family

  1. Wow – a family of travelers! Sounds like an exciting life indeed 🙂
    Just curious; how many of your family still live in the states? Do you guys continue to disperse around the World or is it starting to narrow down to a particular country?

    1. Hi, thanks for the comment! Most of us have settled in the contintental US, but we have family in Canada, the Caribbean, and Hawai’i. And probably other places too… so many cousins. 🙂

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