Runner’s High?

The phenomenon of a “Runner’s High” is well-known and something that I’ve wondered about for a long time. In fact, every time I go running I think about it, usually around the 30-minute mark when I start struggling a bit. I’m not sure, but I am pretty certain I haven’t ever experienced a runner’s high. There have been times when I have been running and my legs have a lot of energy and the running becomes almost effortless. This fits some descriptions of a runner’s high, but it’s not really the euphoria I expect. It seemed like that was more from just the muscles getting used to the strain.

Maybe I am being silly but I keep expecting for my mind to suddenly become clear, be filled with energy and a feeling of well-being, and everything will be right in the world. But so far that hasn’t happened. At any rate, I’ll continue to look forward to that elusive “Runner’s High”, even though it might never come.

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