Mosquito Bite Relief

We have a new (to us) way of dealing with itchy mosquito bites: the hot spoon! And it works great for instant mosquito bite relief! Basically, you heat up a spoon and then press that hot spoon on the bite for a minute or so. That usually kills the itchiness for the entire day for me. The next day, the itchiness might return, in which case I just reapply the hot spoon. The itchiness hasn’t returned to me after that.

In one article I read, they recommend putting the spoon under a hot faucet to heat it up. But I just put the spoon over a hot stove for a few seconds, then letting it cool a bit so that it is still hot, but not (too) painful.

Before using the hot spoon technique for mosquito bite relief, I’ve tried the scotch tape method, meat tenderizer method (old school!), and also applying an anti-itch liquid called “muhi”, but I’ve found the spoon method to be the best! Give it a try next time and let me know how it works for you!

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