Switching the Toothpaste

For the past month or so I have been alternating between two different kinds of toothpastes. It wasn’t a deliberate decision, but since I have a few sample tubes of toothpaste in the bathroom drawer from past dentist visits, I have a nice little collection going. My main toothpaste is one of the less-minty baking soda types, and then the samples are various minty ones, and when choosing which one to use, I pretty much base my decision on which tube is closest to me (which can be decided by mere millimeters!)

I don’t know if it is just my imagination, but it seems like when I switch up the toothpastes, my teeth feel cleaner. Maybe it’s the combined power of multiple types of toothpastes at work? It’s probably just all in my head.

At any rate, using multiple types of toothpaste is pleasing to me. I think that’s because it adds a little variety to something that hardly ever changes. This has got me wondering: if I add even more types of toothpaste to the collection, would brushing teeth become even more fun?

Some of the things I think about when doing daily tasks…

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