When Can I Run?

I’ve been sidelined from running for a month now, and for the past week or so, the itch to run again has gotten really bad! Everytime I see someone running in the neighborhood I feel I should be out there too!

My knee still has some pain if I twist it a little bit, but just flexing it regularly without turning left or right feels pretty good. So now I am left to decide when I should start running again. Part of me thinks it should be okay to start now, but then another part thinks that I should wait until all the pain is gone. Luckily for me, it doesn’t take long for my body to adjust to the running routine again.

Truth be told, it has taken longer than I thought it should to heal. There were a few days where I didn’t see any progress and I thought I should really go to the doctor and get checked out. Happily, the knee has been healing better this past week, and since we didn’t go to the skatepark this last Sunday, I am thinking one more week, then I will be good to go!

Crossing my fingers and toes…

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