’80s music

I’ve been listening to some ’80s New Wave music using Google Music (got the family plan!) and it’s interesting that although I still love many of those songs and bands, there are others where I hit the skip button immediately. Some of the bands I still like: Simple Minds, Siousxie &the Banshees, Haircut 100, Flock of Seagulls (I know right?), Men at Work. Just to name a few.

But surprisingly, I don’t like Depeche Mode any longer. To tell the truth, I never liked Dave Gahan’s singing even though they were one of my favorite bands during my high school days. Browsing the record shops, part of my routine was to check “D” for any cool Depeche Mode imports. But wow, no longer! Funny how tastes change selectively over time.

Here’s the playlist I am listening to relive my high school years! 🎵

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