🍛 Double curry day

USA. Texas. Cedar Park. 2016.
Photo info: FUJIFILM X100T, 23mm, f/6.4, 1/120 sec, ISO6400
USA. Texas. Cedar Park. 2016.

こんばんは!Hi everyone, how’s it going? How was your Monday?

Mine was pretty good, although I ate way too many sweets today. As you may or may not know, I don’t usually eat sweets or sugary things like sodas. I don’t have too much of a sweet tooth to begin with, but since I don’t eat candy regularly I don’t crave it either. But today I had a lot of sweets!

A coworker is visiting from Sweden this week and he brought some chocolates so of course I had to try a couple of them 🍫 (they were delicious) and then there was some dessert in the breakroom after lunch. I didn’t partake in the chocolate or carrot cake, but I did have some Bluebell Dutch Chocolate ice cream 🍦 (also delicious). Then this evening we had some cookies. 🍪 That’s way too much sugar for me!

But besides all the sweet stuff, I had a whole lot of curry as well. We went out to lunch at a Thai restaurant where I had a super-spicy green curry and rice. It was tasty! As I mentioned before, I love Thai food. I could eat it every day. Well, maybe not that often, but I do enjoy it a lot.

Finally for dinner, my wife made a gigantic pot of Japanese beef curry which is always a favorite. 🍛 We had it with eggs and rice for the perfect meal. I always eat too much, but I cannot help myself… I’m sure you understand. Doesn’t it look delicious?

Oh, by the way, happy leap year day! 🎉

I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday! おやすみなさい!

-B Barron Fujimoto

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