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I’m pretty much unofficially the official company photographer at my work, and one of my tasks has been to take headshots of employees. Since I’ve been with the company for close to 11 years now, I’ve taken many, many, many headshots…

These days I sometimes use LinkedIn, and I see lots of these headshot photos that I have taken. It’s fun to see, and I am flattered that they still use them, but I find it somewhat odd that people who are no longer with the company still use the headshot I took.

It got me wondering about the rights to the photos… I don’t care too much about it, but I did spend company time on each photo, and used the company equipment and facilities. I guess I feel that it’s a bit unprofessional to keep using the company photo when you aren’t with the company anymore.

Besides the issue described above, some of those images are probably over five years old… it’s really time to get a new one taken, people!

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