"Brisket Time" Austin, 2016
Photo info: FUJIFILM X100T, 23mm, f/4.5, 1/125 sec, ISO3200
“Brisket Time” Austin, 2016

こんばんは!Hello, how’s it going?

Today at my office, we celebrated a late 4th of July with catered BBQ from Black’s BBQ. 🍴 It was excellent! I love their brisket of course, with pickles and onions on white bread, but their turkey was really delicious as well! I don’t usually like barbecued turkey, but this was so tender and juicy… it blew away Thanksgiving turkey for sure. While lunch was terrific, I also got a couple slices of brisket and sausages to take home, which I enjoyed for dinner. 😄

In other news, Pokémon GO was released. I played a little bit and have captured 3 pokémon so far. Looks like it’s a fun game, but my phone is slow so I have to turn off the augmented reality feature. And a word of warning, when you create your character, be sure he/she is customized just the way you want, including sex and name. Right now, there’s no changing it after you save! I learned the hard way… my character is female, named “SachiTheGreat”… 😭 Oh well. Her outfit is pretty cool at least.

Well, I hope you had a nice Thursday!


– B Barron Fujimoto

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