Wrong Number

Do you remember the days when you’d get lots of phone calls from people who mis-dialed? These days, I don’t  receive many of these, but I do get another type of “wrong number” in my Twitter feed.

My twitter handle is “@barron” which is great because it’s simple and easy, but I end up getting a lot of @ messages that are meant for someone else. I don’t mind, really. It’s actually kind of fun to see! Most of the time it’s people adding an apostrophe trying to quote Barron’s publications (Twitter doesn’t recognize apostrophes or hyphens), but sometimes they are more interesting and entertaining. The best one was from Paris Hilton wishing her grandfather, Barron Hilton a happy birthday (or maybe it was her brother‘s birthday?). Then I got one from Donald Trump wishing his son a happy birthday as well. 😄

Here are some of the more interesting ones:

And I like this one for the irony:

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