According to the Wall Street Journal, poke is one of the culinary trends of 2016. The popular raw-fish dish has taken the mainland by storm, with poke

Source: Why Hawaii Poke Is Taking The Mainland By Storm | Hawaii Public Radio-HPR2

Nice story above fron HPR about poke. I know that here in Austin a few poke shops have sprung up, and even one of the local Costco stores was carrying a couple different kinds of poke. I’m happy to see it become more available here in Texas, even if it isn’t super-authentic.

I remember as a kid when my grandparents would visit us every summer and Christmas that they would bring us a bunch of food from Maui. And one of the items was poke. Not sure if they just brought the ingredients and made it at our house or bought it already made, but I never liked it back then. But I love poke now!

It’s essential to include poke in a Hawaiian feast:

90 / 365

(click on the photo to view on Flickr, where you can see notes about the different kinds of dishes)

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