Don’t Be Mr. Grumpy

I have a Google Keep note in which I save quotes and other snippets. It’s called “Thoughts to Live By” and I often look back at the things I’ve collected there. One of the items, which isn’t a quote, but something I try to keep in mind is “Don’t be Mr. Grumpy”.

I don’t like when people are in bad moods and they lash out (even gently) with their anger and the whole atmosphere gets a bit toxic. It’s not a good thing. But I try to keep in mind that the person must be having a bad day, or something recently happened to put them in this state of mind.

And when I think of myself getting grumpy, just remembering that note helps me step outside of myself and reassess what’s going on. It might not be the cure for my being upset, but I think it definitely makes things better. And over the years, I think I am a much less grumpy person than before! 😄


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