Apple AirPod Bluetooth Delay

So Koa got a set of Apple AirPods for his birthday, but I noticed he was wearing his wired earbuds the other day. When I asked why, he said there’s too much of a delay when watching Youtube videos. I would have thought that there would be some kind of buffering/delay that happens to counter any latency, and there is, but apparently, it’s not good enough.

Today I read this while doing a little research on the issue:

The only case where lag is a problem is musicians with split-second timing needs or scientific measurement apps.

I guess since Koa is an Honors Band percussionist he is ultra-sensitive to the timing, this all makes sense. Oh well. 😔

One thought on “Apple AirPod Bluetooth Delay

  1. I find I am using mine more often than I did when I first got them. I notice some delay with video playback but not enough to really bother me. Your son must be super sensitive to it (not a bad thing). They are perfect for my commute; no wires to get tangled as I’m trying to get by people while walking or on the train.

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