Vietnamese Pork on the Grill

Photo info: FUJIFILM X-T10, 35mm, f/2, 1/150 sec, ISO400
“Sizzling Pork” Cedar Park, 2019

So burgers and steaks are staples of the backyard grill, but tonight Mariko grilled up some sliced pork, which had been soaking in a Vietnamese-style marinade. It smelled absolutely amazing as it cooked on the barbecue!

But the pork was just one ingredient for the banh mi that we had for dinner. Cilantro, pickled radish and carrot, and jalapeño rounded out the filling for the homemade baguette. It was so delicious, and of course, there were no leftovers. 😆

Photo info: FUJIFILM X100T, 23mm, f/3.6, 1/80 sec, ISO3200
“Banh Mi” Cedar Park, 2019
Photo info: FUJIFILM X-T10, 35mm, f/2.2, 1/150 sec, ISO400
“Grilling” Cedar Park, 2019

I hope you had a nice day!


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