Ghibli Food

I know the general consensus is that the food in Ghibli movies looks amazingly delicious, but I’m going to have to say that it never seems appetizing to me. It always just looks flat and blah and I always think what a missed opportunity it was. It’s a shame that I cannot feel enthusiastic about the food, but I guess it’s just a psychological mismatch I will have to bear. I’m happy (and a bit jealous) for everyone who can get excited about it, though.

Anyways, I do follow illustrator Nabatame Kazutaka, whose food looks absolutely delicious to me. Just look at this curry and this shumai bento box! おいしそう!

2 thoughts on “Ghibli Food

  1. I’m of the majority consensus in that I find the food in anime shows/films to be quite appetizing. True, the illustrations are a bit flat, but it’s the character’s interaction with the food (e.g. chewing, slurping, gulping) along with their pleasure at eating such dishes would make me hungry. Of course, it isn’t the same as seeing mukbangs of people in real life!

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