First Batch of Kimchee

Photo info: FUJIFILM X-T10, 35mm, f/3.6, 1/60 sec, ISO3200
“Kimchee Batch” Cedar Park, 2023

I made my first batch of kimchi today! I followed Emily Han’s recipe, which was easy to follow and fun to make. The recipe calls for 1-5 tablespoons of Korean pepper flakes, depending on your desired level of spiciness. I went with the spiciest option, of course 😊.

The next step is to let the kimchi sit at room temperature for a few days to ferment. Once it has fermented, it can be stored in the fridge and enjoyed anytime.

I’m excited to see how my kimchi turns out! I’m hoping it will be delicious, especially with the extra spice.

Cooking Together

Photo info: FUJIFILM X-T10, 35mm, f/9, 1/4 sec, ISO500
“Chefs” Cedar Park, 2023a

Our youngest son offered to cook dinner tonight, with Mariko’s help. I had the supporting role of cleaner-upper and dish-washer. 😂

This year, our son has an apartment near campus so he will be living there during the week, and probably come back for the weekends… because food. But it’s good that he is learning some cooking skills while he is here.

Pretty Tea

Photo info: FUJIFILM X-T10, 35mm, f/2, 1/100 sec, ISO1000
“Pretty Tea” Cedar Park, 2023

My oldest son and his girlfriend love bubble tea, and they often offer to bring Mariko and me some when they go out. Tonight, I tried a colorful tea that tasted more like lemonade, and I couldn’t resist taking a photo of it before I stirred it up. It was so pretty!