Nice Model – Fuchiko

Towel Fuchiko
フチ子 (Fuchiko)

My mother-in-law bought me a bunch of these small “Fuchiko” toys, which are meant to adorn the rims of glasses. They are so much fun to take photos of! During our vacation we took a lot of photos of them and enjoyed the silliness of posing them on sodas, beer, dinner plates, inside sushi, on fingertips, etc.

You can find them for sale in the little toy vending machines, but the special “Towel Fuchiko” are found in gift shops and come with a little plastic cup. These are about 500 yen, but the regular ones from the vending machine are 200 each. But, you don’t know which one you will get! Luckily I didn’t get any duplicates. The one above is my favorite, but I like them all.

There’s also a variation called “Fuchio” which is her wearing a scary mask. They are pretty funny as well. If you have a chance, pick one of these up and use as a fun photo subject!

Fuchiko Loves Ikura
Fuchiko Loves Ikura
Ice Coffee Fuchiko
Ice Coffee
Fuchiko Island Style
Island Style
Sushi Fuchikos
Soccer Fuchiko
Bento Fuchiko
Makapu'u Fuchiko


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