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Fuchiko Climbing in Nachos
Fuchiko Climbing in Nachos

A nice thing has been happening at my office: Food Trucks! Once in a while we’ll have a food truck parked outside the building some of them have really interesting lunch selections. A few of the trucks have served what I’d call fusion food, which is a combination of two (or more) types of food. For instance, I had some bulgogi quesadillas (combining Korean and Mexican cuisines). It sounded like a great combination and I was excited to try. I expected it to be delicious!

At first, it did taste yummy, but about halfway through I kind of just wanted bulgogi with rice, or a regular quesadilla. This dish reminded me of some kind of concoction you’d make from leftovers. For instance, say I have some leftover bulgogi from a restaurant, but I don’t have any rice to go with it. However, I do find some frozen tortillas so I substitute that for the rice. In the case of the bulgogi quesadillas, I didn’t feel the combo was better than the original foods, which have been “perfected” over many years already. I did enjoy the quesadillas (the bulgogi was yummy!), but felt like it missed the mark a bit.

On the flipside, I tried the “Kimchi Fries Burrito” which was AMAZING! I think the ratio of flavor leaned towards the Korean side of things, with the fries reminding me of the potato you sometimes get as a side dish at Korean BBQ. The tortilla and cheese were probably only about 10% of the taste. I’m guessing I enjoyed the Kimchi Fries Burrito more than the quesadilla because of the fact that it was more true to one side of the combination rather than a 50-50 split.

So I guess what I realized is that with fusion food, as with all other things, you really need to try before you form an opinion. Also, the more I think about it, I tend to like the extremes of things and if you are going to do something, go all in.

Regarding the food in this post, the quesadilla and burrito were from Chilantro, and the nachos (which were super!) in the photo are from Guac n Roll.

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