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This past year I’ve become a pretty big fan of the Japanese rock band SCANDAL. My good friend Mikey introduced me to them a few years back, but I never got into them until last year. But I started listening to them more early in 2014 and now they are one of my favorite bands!

I knew they play a lot of concerts in Japan but when they announced their world tour for 2015, I was looking forward to seeing them here in the States.

Just recently SCANDAL announced their US dates and although they are not coming to Texas, they will be playing at least one show in Los Angeles. It is at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip.

I had already decided a while back (during Idol Nite at Mikey’s house) that I would be seeing them wherever they played, and Los Angeles is a great opportunity! Somewhere in Texas would have been ideal of course, but Los Angeles is second-best since I can visit with my folks.

When tickets went on sale I immediately bought one. I was happy and excited! But then the day after, VIP tickets were made available. A VIP ticket differs from a regular ticket in a few ways (as far as I know). First, you are able to get into the venue early to get a good spot (standing room only). Second, you receive a signed poster of the band. And last but definitely not least, the VIP ticket will get you a “meet-the-band/photo” opportunity. The VIP tickets were a little pricey and my initial thought was that they were too much money.

I mentioned to my friend Scott my hesitation to buy a VIP ticket because of the price and he said to me, “Do you want to tell your grand-kids that you got to meet SCANDAL, or do you want to tell them that you saved 50 bucks?” What the heck was I thinking! So, I canceled my regular ticket and bought a VIP ticket. And now I just have to find a flight to Los Angeles!

On a side note, there was a second show announced, but the listing was later removed. It was at House of Blues, Anaheim. If that date is officially announced, I might try to go to that as well. But… I think one VIP experience would be good enough.

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