Finished Jedi


This evening we finished watching Episode VI of Star Wars and we’re now fully prepped to see Episode VII! And we only have less than two days to avoid all the spoilers… so far I’ve done pretty well. 😎

Earlier in the day, we just relaxed and enjoyed our coffee, breakfast tacos, a couple episodes of Psych, and printing more photos on the Instax printer. I’m totally hooked on it! So much fun. I’ve printed 20 so far, and all have been from Lightroom. My workflow for these is to crop the photo to 4:3 ratio, lower the exposure a bit (the printer overexposes) and bump up the vibrance. Then I export at the proper size/dpi (more on this in a later post) to a Dropbox folder. On my phone, I download the photo from Dropbox to a local folder, then fire up the Instax app and print away! I have yet to print directly from my X100T, but I am looking forward to doing that. Maybe on the plane!

Just two more work days, and then it’s off to Los Angeles for the holidays. I’m pretty sleepy now (thanks to a couple glasses of wine) so I’ll end it right here. 🍷 Talk to you again!



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