Recovery Day

"Sunday Pose" Cedar Park, 2016
“Sunday Pose” Cedar Park, 2016

こんばんは!Hi, how’s it going?

Today I was a zombie… I guess you could say I had a mild hangover from last night’s pie party. And the weather today was rainy and grey and I just wanted to sleep… I felt like how the cat looks in the photo above.

But we had things to do, so I soldiered through it all and helped decorate the Christmas tree, put up some lights, took Bay to get his haircut, visited the grocery store, enrolled in my work benefits programs, and then cooked dinner. Around 5 PM, when dinner was almost ready, I was just about back to feeling normal. 😄 Unfortunately, now at 10:39 PM I have a headache coming back. I need to sleep! 😴

But before that, here’s a photo of the spaghetti dinner I made for the kiddos. It turned out pretty good, I think!

"Simple Dinner" Cedar Park, 2016
“Simple Dinner” Cedar Park, 2016


– B Barron Fujimoto

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