Firefly / ホタル

こんばんは。How’s it going?

The other evening I took Bay to his piano lessons, and while we were waiting in the car outside the studio, we saw a ton of fireflies, lighting up the neighborhood yards along the street. It was amazing to me. I grew up in an area that did not have any fireflies, so when I see them here in Texas, it’s always a “wow” moment.

Isn’t it strange that these insects can glow like that? And it is such a nice soft glow that pulses on and off. We’re getting used to the harsh instant-on of LED lights that it is surprising and soothing to see that gradual illumination of fireflies. It’s beautiful. The natural world is like a miracle sometimes.

I found the video above on Youtube. Enjoy!

I hope you had a nice day. ☺️


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