Ramen Lunch

Photo info: FUJIFILM X-E4, 27mm, f/3.6, 1/200 sec, ISO320
“Ramen” Austin, 2022

Today Mariko and I tried a new ramen restaurant for lunch. Sazan Ramen (at the time of this post) has three kinds of ramen, and plenty of appetizers and other goodies, as well as a large selection of cocktails and beer. Mariko and I shared the Black Garlic Ramen and the Spicy Paitan Ramen. They were both pretty good! The noodles, broth, and pork were delicious. 🍜

I’d say the ramen was on the fancy side (and looked beautiful!), which might not be what you are looking for. For instance, we didn’t think the raw purple cabbage in the black garlic ramen fit in well. My ramen had nuts and dried tomatoes, and although I enjoyed them, it wasn’t something I’d like to get again if I had the craving for ramen. So if you are looking for a regular miso or shoyu ramen, Sazan might not be for you. However, I thought it was a yummy meal and I wouldn’t hesitate to come again!

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