Me Time

I went on a chilly, misty run today. It was only 49° F out! For me, that is the coldest I have run in, I think. A PR! But it wasn’t so bad since I had a beanie on and the wind. But besides that, I was thinking that running this past year has become a lot more enjoyable for me. The main reason is that it is purely “Me Time”. Not in the sense that I am run alone, but rather that I don’t listen to music or podcasts any more on my runs. If I listened to the podcasts, it’s not “me time”, it’s “them time”. For this special hour of the day, I don’t want to give it up to someone else (and their opinions) no matter how much I might like them. On a run, I want to let my mind wander by itself, and think about things unguided by others. Is this “mindfulness” in a sense? I don’t know.

But I like the fact that I don’t need to be “entertained” or motivated by listening to music or podcasts on my run.

It’s simple, but I like SIMPLE!

No-Rush Shipping Regret

A couple of days ago I ordered the Blu-ray edition of Big Hero 6 from Amazon. Even though we have Amazon Prime, I often choose the “No-rush Shipping” option, which gives me $1 credit to use on books or music. This is great for things that I don’t need right away, for example the air filters for the cars, but I am now regretting choosing that shipping option for Big Hero 6. I want to watch it tonight!!! It’s a great movie. And I have to wait until after the weekend even… /smallviolin


Circular Saw Puzzle
Circular Saw Puzzle

Yesterday I was cutting some wood in the garage for a little project. During clean-up, it took me forever to figure out how to put the circular saw back in its case. It was like a puzzle. But I finally figured it out. So I took this photo so that next time I can just refer to it instead of wasting 10 minutes of my weekend! I’m so smart!

Oscar Night with the Family

Last night Bay, Koa, Mariko and I had fun watching the Academy Award show for the first time ever as a family. What made it extra fun was that we printed out ballots and each made our choices for the winners in the categories, and there was a nice cash prize for the winner. It ended up coming down to the final award for Best Picture. I was in the lead with 9 correct categories, and chose Grand Budapest Hotel to win. Koa had 8 correct, and he chose Birdman to win. And we all know who won Best Picture! Koa and I ended up splitting the cash prize this year. Best of luck to Mariko and Bay in 2016!!!