I Will

Maybe I posted this before, but it’s so good, I’ll post again!


I am using Line now for instant messaging on my phone, in addition to all the other ones. Line is cool because there are tons of “stickers” that you can insert into your messages. Kind of like elaborate emojis or emoticons. It’s from Japan, so there are tons of Japanese stickers! Most sticker sets are about a dollar, but there are a few nice free sets as well. Give Line a try! It even works on computers.

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Nice Catch

Excellent grab and chug!



I wish there was a MOS Burger here in Austin…

It’s Baaaack

Got my replacement phone! I was reinstalling old apps but took the opportunity to declutter and only put back the apps I really used. For instance, I only need one weather app instead of the four I had before.

One problem I had was with Dropbox. It turns out that Dropbox forced a password reset a while back, and that formed a “perfect storm” for a lost account when my phone got lost. Actually, if I had retained a “16-digit security key” (no idea where I would have put that) then I could have recovered it, so it really is my fault. I was bummed that I would lose my 50GB I got when I registered my phone several months ago, but was pleasantly surprised that the new account could be bumped up by 48GB by just following some simple steps. So now I am using a new account, with roughly the same amount of space, only this space won’t expire! (I am assuming it wont). So it’s all good.



I switched from using Kiki to Line. It’s a lot more fun and the wifi voip calling sounds good! The emoticons are really fun too. It’s popular in Japan so it’s got a good variety!

Living in the Future

I have to say that browsing my city’s public library online, then borrowing a book, and having it sent instantly to my Kindle is one of the coolest things ever!!!