As I was running the other day, I saw a car flash his high-beams at another car going the opposite direction. I was guessing that he was warning the other driver to slow down because there was a policeman up ahead. Sure enough, I saw a police car waiting further down the street.

I used to think it was nice of drivers to warn other drivers like this one did, but now I dislike it. It’s because I don’t like speeders, especially drivers who speed through residential neighborhoods. These people are breaking the law and endangering pedestrians (and runners), so if they speed, they should be punished, right?

Korean BBQ House on my Running Route

On my normal running route around the neighborhood, there is a hill at about the 4 mile mark. At the top of this hill is a house. And the people who live in this house often barbeque. And the kind of meat they barbeque is Korean Kalbi. It smells sooooooo goooooood!!! By the time I run past, my stomach is growling like crazy! I need to befriend this family.

Trip to Stockholm

Last week I went on my first business trip ever, and it was a fantastic one! The trip was to Stockholm, Sweden. Not only was the work really productive, but exploring the city was really fun as well. One of the highlights was that my coworker and I went for an evening run along a popular route. That was super! We also ate a lot of traditional food and sampled many local beers. What a great trip! Below are some of the photos I took.

Sunset over Stockholm

We were walking to dinner and had to stop several times to take photos of this amazing sunset over Stockholm.

Arlanda Express

This is the Arlanda Express, which is the best way to get to/from the airport and Central Station. We used the app to buy tickets while at dinner. So convenient!


I was surprised to find sakura! I see so many Instagram photos from Japanese instagrammers, and I am happy that I could take some sakura photos too.

King Gustaf III

This statue of King Gustaf III is by the waterside… a favorite perch for the local seagulls.

Blå Dörren (Blue Door)

Blå Dörren (Blue Door) is where we had Swedish meatballs and pickled herring, along with local beer. So yummy!

No 9

No 9 on Stora Nygatan in the Old City

Plugged Records

Plugged Records on Stora Nygatan. This street is in Gamla Stan Old Town. It’s such a cool section!

Stora Nygatan

Stora Nygatan in the Old Town

Stora Nygatan

Stora Nygatan in the Old Town

Window Shopping Åhléns

Window Shopping at Åhléns. This department store was right next to the office. I really liked the Honda CB, which had a weird disc brake fitted to the front wheel.

Nice Ad

Nice ad on the street. I like the cow.

Local Brew

One of the many local beers we sampled. This photo was taken at Bakfickan.

Fuchiko, Röhrstrom, and Chiffon

Fuchiko, Röhrstrom, and Chiffon. Mariko sent me a message with this dish design, and I found this cake dish at the Åhléns department store. I had to hand carry this back to Austin, but it was worth it!

New Phone – Moto G

Moto G and 木村 文乃

Moto G and 木村 文乃

This is my new phone: a Motorola Moto G (2nd generation). My two-and-a-half-year-old Galaxy S3 finally died after a few resets and so I decided that it was time. The Moto G is not the latest and greatest in terms of technology, but it is decent, comes with the latest version of Android, and is only $179 total, off-contract.

One thing I have learned is that I do not have to load every app under the sun to have a great experience. After resetting the S3, I had to reinstall apps and each time I reset it, I would install less and less, until I was down to the bare essentials. I realized which apps I actually used and now my phone is pretty uncluttered. Also contributing to the streamlined phone is that it runs stock Android, not some manufacturer skin. So it’s nice and fast. That speed is a great feeling! (and no monthly payments is also wonderful)

Thinking About Thinking

I’ve always tried to keep my work life and my personal life separate, and I’ve been fairly successful in this. Even in my blog, I rarely mention my work life. I can’t remember if I ever mentioned work in my blog, actually. This separation of work and personal life applied to even simply thinking about work when I was off-the-clock.…