Injury and Recovery

Just a quick note that my right knee has been hurting for a couple of weeks now. I was pushing off while skateboarding using my right leg, and it was angled a little crooked and I heard/felt a pop come from the knee area. That night it really swelled up and hurt, and the next day it was really difficult…



Last month when we visited my brother and nephew in Hawaii,they showed us some pictures from when they traveled to Japan. In some of the photos, they were skateboarding around the city and it looked so cool and fun! So, when we returned home to Texas, I decided that I wanted to get a new board and skate more. And……


Fusion Food

A nice thing has been happening at my office: Food Trucks! Once in a while we’ll have a food truck parked outside the building some of them have really interesting lunch selections. A few of the trucks have served what I’d call fusion food, which is a combination of two (or more) types of food. For instance, I had some…


Amazon announced a new e-reader, the Kindle Voyage. It looks so great, and of course I want one. But for $199? That seems pretty steep… so as I look at the current Kindle lineup (the dedicated e-reader, not the Fire tablet), my choice would be the Paperwhite. Bay has one, and the backlight is so great and convenient. If you…

When was this whirlybird last serviced?

– Ned Plimpton


Morning Ride

I’m pretty lucky that I live on the edge of the Texas Hill Country, which has some really fun roads to ride. This morning I rode Route 1431 from our house in Cedar Park to Marble Falls, then up to Park Road 4, which goes past Longhorn Caverns State Park, and then on to Inks Lake State Park, where I…


Curry: Good But Disappointing

in 2011 I visited Osaka and had a super-spicy curry at 上等カレー near Tsukamoto Station. It was soooo hot that I was in a daze. Mariko and the kids said I was crying, but I beg to differ! My eyes were watering, yes, but that is different, isn’t it? Also, I had a sort of hiccup due to the extreme heat…


Being a Tourist

I wanted to visit Fushimi Inari Shrine this trip because it looks so cool and is one of the top tourist destinations that I haven’t been to. In the past I wasn’t so interested in seeing the touristy stuff, and since I was always with a local (Mariko), I enjoyed going to places that a native Japanese person enjoys. But…


Submarine Sandwich Realizaton

“Food always tastes better when somebody else makes it.” That’s what my Mom said to me when we were talking about her submarine sandwiches, which I always request she make for me when we visit. I kind of agree with her, especially because when I try to make the exact same submarine sandwiches, they always taste differently (and not as…

Don’t ever change your ways
Fall with me for a million days
Oh, my waterfall


Vacation Eats

Food is good! And the food in Japan and Hawaii is hard to beat. One of the things I look forward to most when traveling are the vacation eats: meals at the local restaurants and sampling the regional cuisine. This past trip to Japan, I ate almost everything that was on my list: Sushi Okonomiyaki Takoyaki MOS Burger Yakitori Izakaya…


Summer Fireworks

We had a lot of fun one evening when we visited Koa’s classmate’s family for dinner and summer fireworks. After we ate the delicious food, we all went to the nearby park with our bag of sparklers and other small fireworks and then spent the next hour or so setting them off and having a good time. It was really cool…


I Just Wanna Hug You (2014)

Another tear-jerker of a movie crossed my path – and of course I enjoyed it immensely. Thanks to Hawaiian Airlines’ fantastic international service to KIX there were several movies to choose from, one of which was “I Just Wanna Hug You” (抱きしめたい ―真実の物語―) starring Kitagawa Keiko (北川 景子) as Tsukasa and  Nishikido Ryo (錦戸亮) as Masami. It’s based on the tragic true story…