Active Day



Today was a good day. At lunchtime I laced up the running shoes and went for a nice run around the neighborhood. I ran about 2 miles and my knee felt pretty good! It is still a little sore but I think it is getting better. I am just glad I can exercise! It is frustrating to have an injury prevent you from doing what you want to do. These days though I have a new appreciation for exercise. Now I am not as concerned about burning calories, but I focus on just being outdoors and seeing the neighborhood and breathing the fresh air. It’s a wonderful feeling to just “be in the moment”. I’m not sure if it is because I am growing older, but I kind of am finding more appreciation in just being alive and not letting stress bother me so much. I think I’ve always been pretty laid-back, but sometimes these days I am at a different state of mind where I cannot even imagine what stress feels like. Of course that doesn’t last long, but it is pretty great when it does happen. And it happens most often when I am out for a run or walk.

Later in the day, I went on a bicycle ride with my son and his friend. Biking is a lot of fun too, and spending time with the youngsters is valuable. There may come a time when they do not want to spend time with the paerental units so I think it is important to be together when we can.

The photo above is of some bluebonnets that I saw while running. They still looked pretty good but I think there’s maybe only another week or two they will be around. The other photo is one I took when we were on our bike ride. It’s not too difficult to hold a small camera while riding, so I took several photos and I think this one came out the best.

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North Face “Router” Backpack

North Face Router Backpack

I finally got a backpack that I am pretty sure I will keep for a long, long time! It’s the North Face “Router” backpack in Cosmic Blue/Asphalt Grey. There is so much about this model that makes it perfect for me. But first let me tell you about my backpack saga…

Not too long ago, I had two backpacks. One of them was a real backpacking pack, the REI Flash 65. I used it to go on a short backpacking camping trip where we had to hike in to the campground carrying all of our gear and food. This pack fit me perfectly and served me well. But, I haven’t gone backpacking since then! So, it’s been sitting in my closet for a couple years. Through the magic of Craigslist I sold that backpack to someone who could actually use it.

My other, more useful backpack was the North Face Base Camp Hot Shot which I loved, and used often. The problem with it was that Continue reading

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Cold Day for Flag Football


Today Koa had a flag football game, and it was cooooold! At gametime it was only 55ºF and drizzly. To make matters worse, there was a decent wind as well. But once the game got going I think the kids forgot about the cold and just had a lot of fun. It helped that Koa’s team did great, and won by a score of about 21-6. I say “about” because I can never remember if they make the extra points or not. But Koa did fantastic, with a great run almost for a touchdown, and then catching the touchdown pass two plays later!


The photo above shows a pretty nice umbrella shelter from the wind. I wish I had one of those! Below is a photo of the team huddle after the game. Koa really enjoys playing sports and is thinking of trying baseball this year sometime. I think he’ll do pretty good!


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