It’s almost Christmas, and like most people, we’re so busy getting ready! This year we’re visiting my folks in Southern California. I’m really looking forward to hanging out and having my mom’s home cooking!

Anyways, that is just a quick status update… I haven’t had much time to post here lately! ごめんね!

Run as if You are Invisible

Safety-conscious motorcyclists like to use the phrase, “Ride as if you are invisible”. As both a runner and a motorcyclist, I can see that phrase also being “Run as if you are invisible”. Often in the past, I would approach an intersection at the same time as a car and it seemed like the driver paused to let me cross…

Lightroom to Instagram

For all you photographers whose workflows involve moving photos from Lightroom to Instagram, I have found a tip that might improve the quality of the final photos. For a while now, I have been frustrated that the photo I had worked on in Lightroom looked so different after I uploaded it to Instagram. In particular, lots of the fine detail was missing. The…



This is why I prefer to shoot in RAW. You can really do a lot with the RAW information in Lightroom! Sure, you can do a lot with JPEG too, but RAW just lets you do more, and rescue some photos that might be lost causes. I highly recommend shooting in RAW, then watching the hundreds of useful Lightroom tutorials on YouTube. I particularly like Serge Ramelli’s videos.