Amazing RTW Bicycle Journey

I’ve been watching a lot of long-distance bicycling videos lately, and Nicolai Bangsgaard’s are some of my favorites. He’s got a really good attitude and the music he chose goes great with his videos. What an inspirational journey.

A long-distance trip by bicycle is something I’d like to do someday. It’s funny, but I totally forgot about a trip I did when I was a kid, maybe 7th or 8th grade. Myself and a couple of good friends joined a YMCA summer ride that started in San Francisco, and ended at the Y in my hometown of Torrance, California. It lasted about a week, with us flying up to SF, then biking down and camping each night. There was a van that carried all of our gear, food, etc. so we just had to ride. It was such a fun time! I’ll write more about it and hopefully can dig up a few photos when I visit my folks in Torrance later this year.