Photo info: Apple iPhone 12 mini, 1.55mm, f/2.4, 1/40 sec, ISO1000
“Trio Burrito” Lomita, 2021

We can’t get enough of Mexican food and while we’re visiting Southern California, a visit to La Capilla or Alfredo’s is usually on the agenda. This time we opted for the latter, which serves huge burritos. I had the Burrito Boxito which was excellent. Koa had the Burrito Trio (pictured) which was also fantastic. I really like Alfredo’s because of the delicious food, no wait time, generous portions, and proximity to my parents’ house. So good!

Our Go-To Burrito Place

Photo info: FUJIFILM X100T, 23mm, f/5, 1/80 sec, ISO3200
“Flying Liberty” Cedar Park, 2019

Since we have guests in town and Mariko has been joining them for evening activities (classes and sightseeing), Koa and I have been having leftovers or picking food up for dinner. One of our go-to places is Freebirds World Burrito. Not only do we love the food, but we have fun observing how each employee makes the burrito – how much protein they add, how liberal they are with the other ingredients, how adept they are at rolling the huge tortilla, etc.

For several months, there was a woman who worked there who would build the biggest burritos, but unfortunately, we haven’t seen her for a while now. The previous visit, Koa got unlucky and his server was a trainee who skimped on the ingredients a bit, whereas the luck of the draw had me served by someone who did a better job. Regardless, the burritos are always pretty huge. But it’s fun to be in line and recognize an employee who we know treats us well, and then try to jockey for position so that you’re matched with that particular employee.

Speaking of matches, Koa and I matched our burritos more than usual, both of us opting for carnitas, both kinds of rice, refried beans, onions, lettuce, pico de gallo, creamy jalapeño, cilantro, and sour cream. Koa also added lime juice, while I added fresh jalapeño and habañero sauce. They were both yummy! I only ate half my burrito for dinner, so I’m looking forward to the other half for lunch tomorrow! Yay! ❤️🌯

I didn’t take a photo of tonight’s burrito, but here’s one I took from a previous visit to Freebirds World Burrito:

"Monster Burrito" Cedar Park, 2018
Photo info: FUJIFILM X100T, 23mm, f/3.2, 1/125 sec, ISO2500
“Monster Burrito” Cedar Park, 2018

I hope you had a good day!


Mother’s Day Meals

Photo info: FUJIFILM X-T10, 35mm, f/2, 1/75 sec, ISO1250
“Breakfast Burrito” Cedar Park, 2019

こんばんは。Mariko had a simple request for Mother’s Day: please feed me and let me watch my tv shows. 😆

With that in mind, Bay was tasked with preparing breakfast, and Koa would help with the grill at dinner, and also make sure Mariko had mimosas on-demand. 🥂

First up was breakfast, and for this, Bay made deluxe breakfast burritos with eggs, cheese, chorizo, jalapeño sausage, bacon, and hashbrowns. Since we couldn’t find super-gigantic tortillas, Bay divided them into smaller burritos, but they were still awesome. 🌯

Photo info: FUJIFILM X-T10, 35mm, f/2, 1/75 sec, ISO400
“Breakfast Crew” Cedar Park, 2019

For dinner, Bay prepared garlic mashed potatoes in the Instant Pot, while Koa grilled the sirloin steaks on the deck barbecue. This was Koa’s first time grilling, so I helped him with the meat-thermometer and seasoning the 4 Top Sirloins from Omaha Steaks. They turned out nicely, with perfect medium-rare doneness. I threw in some broccoli for good measure, plus some rolls that Mariko had baked earlier, and it was a yummy dinner! 🥩

Photo info: FUJIFILM X-T10, 35mm, f/2, 1/125 sec, ISO400
“Grill Crew” Cedar Park, 2019
Photo info: FUJIFILM X-T10, 35mm, f/2, 1/75 sec, ISO640
“Steak Dinner” Cedar Park, 2019

And as a little bonus, we also gave her a bouquet of fresh flowers. 💐

Photo info: FUJIFILM X100T, 23mm, f/3.2, 1/100 sec, ISO1600
“Mother’s Day Bouquet” Cedar Park, 2019

I hope you had a nice day!


p.s. We ordered a bunch of food items from Omaha Steaks, and if you’d like to try the Top Sirloin steaks like we had, please click on the delicious-looking steak photo (affiliate link) below.

Burrito and Dog

"Burrito and Dog" Cedar Park, 2018
Photo info: FUJIFILM X100T, 23mm, f/3.6, 1/100 sec, ISO2500
“Burrito and Dog” Cedar Park, 2018


🌯Burrito Friday

"Monster Burrito" Cedar Park, 2018
Photo info: FUJIFILM X100T, 23mm, f/3.2, 1/125 sec, ISO2500
“Monster Burrito” Cedar Park, 2018


Tonight Koa and I bought burritos from our favorite burrito shops: Freebirds World Burrito. Based in Austin, we find it superior to Chipotle, which was where we often went to get our carnitas burritos. Freebirds has more options for salsas and veggies, the portions are larger, and the vibe is local and more fun.

Value-wise, I think it’s a better deal as well. Mariko and I will buy a $9 Monster-size burrito and share it, which is plenty for us, while the kids will each get their own $7 Freebird. And sometimes Bay will eat half for dinner and save half for the next day’s breakfast. 😛

What I especially like about Freebirds is that they have several different salsas to try, ranging from habañero and “Death” on the hot side, all the way down to roasted corn and lime juice on the mild side. In addition to the pico, I’ll get extra cilantro, chopped jalapeño, sour cream, and onion. And that’s in addition to the meat (chicken AND carnitas tonight), beans, rice, and cheese. I’m always amazed that everything fits in the tortilla!

In the photo, you can see how big it is compared to a can of beer. It’s so much food, and so, so yummy.

I hope you had a nice Friday!